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Injections For Weight Loss Tied To Higher Risk For Pancreatitis, Stomach Paralysis, and Bowel Obstruction

   GLP-1 inhibitors, injectable drugs for control of diabetes have an unintended benefit of weight loss. For that reason, prescriptions for these drugs have skyrocketed. Along with a huge increase in prescriptions has come the greatly increased risk of a previously-rare side effect—pancreatitis, gastroparesis (stomach paralysis), and bowel obstruction. This has cautioned  prescribers and caused concern among patients.

US Cancer Drug Shortage May Be Easing Soon

   Drugs to treat lung, breast, prostate, and GYN cancers, as well as leukemia and lymphomas have been in short supply. Centers in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network said that 86% of those centers were experiencing a shortage of at least one type of generic chemotherapy drug. Cisplatin and carboplatin were in short supply in 59% and 72%, respectively. A recent survey is reporting shortages are decreasing, however.

Approximately 220,000 Children in US Were Diagnosed With Arthritis Between 2017 and 2021, CDC Data Reveal

   The CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report reported approx. 220K children, mostly aged 12-17, were diagnosed with arthritis in years 2017 to 2021. Most lived in a “food-insecure household.” No explanation for that was given.

Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease Improved In Six-Minute Walking Distance After A Period of Home-Based Exercise, More Than With Supervised Treadmill Exercise

Researchers Find Evidence of “Long Cold” Syndrome Following Infection With variety of Common Respiratory Viruses

   The Lancet’s eClinicalMedicine journal published information comparing Long COVID to Long Cold Syndrome. They are both post-viral-illness syndromes. Long COVID patients experience lightheadedness, dizziness, and problems with taste and smell, while Long Cold patients had coughing, stomach pain, and diarrhea. Both syndromes can last up to four weeks.

Women Who Report Sleep Difficulties, Poor Sleep Duration More Likely to Develop High Blood Pressure

   Women who sleep less than 6 hours per day or who reported sleep difficulties were more likely to develop high blood pressure compared with women who sleep 7-8 hours/day. 

Adolescent Depression Rose Sharply During COVID-19 Pandemic, but Fewer Than Half Who Needed Treatment Received It

   In 2021, approx. 20% of adolescents had symptoms of major depression. But less than half who needed treatment received it. Found in JAMA Pediatrics.

Advisory Identifies New Medical Condition Reflecting Strong Links Between Obesity, Diabetes, Heart, and Kidney Disease

   Called Cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic syndrome, or CKM, early diagnosis can reduce risks of cardiovascular death. Found in Circulation. 

DEA Extends Ability to Prescribe Controlled Substances Via Telemedicine

   The DEA just made a bad situation worse…It is permitting physicians to prescribe certain controlled substances using telemedicine. That means drugs for ADHD, anti-anxiety drugs, and drugs for opioid use disorder can be prescribed with only a telemedicine consultation.

FDA Warns Online Vendors to Cease Selling Unapproved Weight-Loss Drugs

   The makers of GLP-1 class of drugs have been warned by the FDA to stop marketing these drugs for weight loss. The only approved drugs are Wegovy, Ozempic, and Rybelsus. The other six drugs in this class are approved only for the treatment of diabetes. 

Number of People Who Die From Stroke Worldwide Will Increase 60% by 2050 If Significant Action is Not Taken to Limit Stroke Prevalence

   Stroke deaths, worldwide, are expected to jump 50% by 2025 if nothing is done to improve compliance with lowering risk factors.

Maternal Whooping Cough Vaccination Reduces Risk For Infection Among Infants Through 8 months of Age

   Maternal pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination did provide infant protection for up to 8 months of age. By 8 months, most newborns have will have had 3 vaccinations by 8 months, so acquired immunity will be peaking when maternally-transferred immunity is decreasing. 

Adverse Events More Common in Patients With Gout Initiating Allopurinol in Conjunction with Flare Prophylaxis

   When allopurinol is prescribed for gout prevention, adverse events occurred more than in patients with no prophylaxis. Acute gouty arthritis attacks can occur as well. So the drug used to prevent acute flares may actually cause flares. 

Overweight Or Obesity Before or During Early Pregnancy is Strong Predictor of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes That Influence Postpartum Cardiovascular Disease

   It underscores the need for counseling about weight loss and control.

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