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Alejandro Mayorkas, a 63 year old Cuban-born, American attorney, is the current secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, or DHS. He is the man in charge of protecting American citizens from harm caused by the illegal entry of drugs, weapons, contraband, and people into the U.S. DHS is made up of 22 agencies, most of which are involved in enforcing immigration laws, responding to natural disasters, and protecting us from those who would seek to do us  harm by other than military means. It is a huge bureaucracy begun in response to the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

One of the major functions of DHS is preventing people from other countries from entering illegally without being “vetted,” or investigated, for ties to drug cartels, human trafficking organizations, or terrorist groups. Most sensible American citizens think this security function is a good thing that helps to keep us safe. Border security, though not perfect, has functioned well and prevented the entry of terrorists, slowed the smuggling of fentanyl and other opioid drugs, and impeded human trafficking organizations. Until 18 months ago, the in-flux of nefarious actors, human or not, into the U.S. was dealt a stunning blow. Then, enter Mayorkas.

For some in the U.S., immigration is a “half-full, half-empty” situation. The “half-full-ers” feel the U.S. is a wealthy country that can absorb many more citizens who add to the vast diversity of the populace. They bring with them skills Americans lack and do the jobs Americans won’t. On the other hand, those who see us as “half empty” feel immigrants take jobs away from Americans, speak a different language, and have customs that are difficult to assimilate. They come here to take advantage of American generosity and disregard our human trafficking and drug enforcement laws. 

I think most Americans want a safe country and neighborhoods. They don’t understand why anyone would allow any and all people, regardless who they are, to enter the U.S. without knowing something about them. You wouldn’t just open the door to your home for anyone, would you? The majority of Americans want a secure border.

According to DHS Secretary Mayorkas, that’s exactly what we have! In late April, Mayorkas, in an appearance before the House Judiciary Committee, told committee members, in spite of appearances, “the [southern] border is secure and we’re executing our plan.” What plan is he talking about? The plan that as of April, had allowed 1.06 million immigrants to enter through our southern border? The plan that according to “border figures set monthly records pretty much every month.”? Mayorkas also stated that DHS has “operational control of the southern border,” and that no border crisis exists.

Then, just last Tuesday, Mayorkas once again told the Aspen Security Forum (I bet that group is a doozy!) the border is secure. Almost immediately, his claim was rebutted by “multiple Border Patrol agents,” who stated there were 207,000 migrant encounters in June alone. And for the fourth month in a row, the number of encounters topped 200,000. That doesn’t sound secure to me!

Why is Mayorkas telling us the border is secure and there’s no crisis, when clearly it’s not secure and there is a crisis? Mayorkas must believe in “the emperor’s new clothes” phenomenon! Those people you see on TV wading through the Rio Grande and running in the desert aren’t really there! And those who are, really are escaping from the poverty and tyranny of Central America to start a new life. It’s not just a few, though; it’s millions! DHS’s own figures contradict what Mayorkas has said publically. There is a crisis and the border is not secure!

People like Alejandro Mayorkas must think Americans are dumb and gullible. Well, we are. We are well aware of the disdain elitists have for “gun-toting,” “Bible beating,” “evangelicals.” They express it publicly quite often. Unfortunately, however, there are a lot of un-informed people. They believe what Mayorkas says and do nothing to verify his claims. News organizations don’t challenge his statements, either. Americans are not told the whole story, thus we have a “half-empty” scenario. Governors and local officials of border states publicly complain about the “invasion,” but with no Federal acknowledgement or support their’s is a losing battle. 

It defies my understanding why Secretary Mayorkas would permit a flood of immigrants into the U.S., especially without knowing anything about them. Aren’t we putting our “homeland’s security” at risk? I’m also confounded by how he could know the risks of opioid drugs and still not effectively enforce laws preventing illegal entry. How he could know the horrible consequences of human trafficking yet do little or nothing to stop it? Then, to appear before Congress and deny there’s a problem; does he have a different value system? He must because it seems his department wants chaos and crime rather than safety and “security.” His concept of right and wrong differs greatly from mine! His capacity for telling the truth is badly compromised, and his concepts of a “secure border” and “crisis” are based in a fantasy universe. 

Changing this situation seems insurmountable. The drug war, which has raged on for decades, just gets worse. Human trafficking goes unchecked. None of this is going to slow down anytime soon, either. “Something is very wrong with this picture!” Just remember, though, you’re the bad guy for objecting to strangers being flown to your city in the middle of the night! Our basic principles of right and wrong have been altered leaving both sides of the issues with contempt for the other. Elections change the leadership and the philosophy but do not unite the people. When one viewpoint fails to acknowledge what both sides can see, it’s unlikely a compromise will ever be reached.

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